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Tewaii is pronounced as Hawaii, but then with a "Te".

Tewaii comes from the word "Te Wai", which means water in the Maori language of New Zealand.




Researcher | Tewaii Laman & Tewaii Valhu

Jessie-Lynn is happiest in the field, with a water suitcase, researching rain, run-off, ground, irrigation water or soil. Don't be surprised to find her crossing terrains, climbing obstacles and covered in mud, determined to get as much of an accurate measurement as possible. When not sampling, Jessie-Lynn works as a Water & Sustainability Engineer in the horticultural industry. With a knack for interdisciplinary teamwork, Jessie-Lynn believes that we we can solve the world's most pressing water issues when working together.  



Creative Director & Research Partner

Originally from Los Angeles, Aaron has made the leap into the science community after a long and successful career in Hollywood's fashion industry. Loving both science and arts from a very young age, he has now integrated both of his passions as creative director and research partner of Tewaii. Always eager to expand his knowledge, you can find him side by side with Jessie-Lynn in the field. From sample size to water sample, Aaron is a cross-disciplinary talent who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Outside work hours, you can find Aaron as an active member of LA's tropical growing community or cooking healthy meals while listening to e-books.



Laboratory Researcher & Project Manager | Tewaii Valhu

Ting Ting’s organisational talents and passion for the environment make her the perfect fit for Tewaii, where she is in charge of the Tewaii team and Tewaii Valhu project in the Maldives. Born and raised in China, Ting Ting obtained her degree in Environmental Science before moving to the Netherlands to complete her masters in Environmental Engineering at TU Delft. When Ting Ting is not allocating budgets, planning or making sure tasks are finished in a timely fashion, she is analysing the environmental data that is collected by Tewaii’s field team. In her free time, Ting Ting is a true kitchen princess that can turn any produce into a delightful taste sensation.



Soil & Water Researcher | Tewaii Valhu

Judith is a world traveler that draws inspiration from the diversity of cultures across our globe. With an open mind and a listening ear, she is an excellent conversationalist that truly understands people. Her social skills and experience in the field of (agricultural) water resource management form the basis of her social-technical approach on water management. When disconnected from the world, she enjoys yoga and a wide range of music. Next to Tewaii, she is exploring the civil engineering and water management sector through a three-year traineeship in the Netherlands.



Systems Engineer | Tewaii Valhu

Kirsten is Tewaii's newest member! The description will follow soon.

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